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Do you want the best for your child?
South Shore Montessori is your Answer

Every child flourishes in our community. Every child develops important skills, sets goals, and becomes a self-starter. Low child/staff ratio provides plenty of time for nurturing, essential for a child’s whole development. Children discover the joy of learning. They will have the attitude “I want to do that!”  Instead of “Do I have to do that?”

Your child will experience different cultures, learn about the world through science experiments, and have fun as he learns math, language, geometry and more. The Montessori program provides materials to stimulate thinking as children become problem solvers and independent thinkers.

Your child will learn about nature through concrete experiences, such as the study of fish, birds, and mammals.

We open doors to the world with our study of continents, flags, cooking, language, and clothing. We bring the world and its cultures to your child through cooking, art, and literature. Children have a “hands on” experience with landforms such as the “island and lake,” globes, maps, and local treasures.

Building friendships happens at every turn as children work and play together. They benefit from mixed ages in the classroom. The older students are role models and lead the younger ones, who can’t wait to do what the older ones are doing. We strive for peaceful classrooms, where we talk out differences, learn to respect each other, and brainstorm solutions to problems.

Your child benefits from the routine and consistency in our Montessori classroom. The curriculum provides a structure for your child with lessons in math, language, geography, geometry, science, and history. We get acquaint with Spanish, music, art, and computers.


Fun at Southshore Montessori School

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South Shore Montessori
"Where the Wonder of Learning Builds a Future of Success"
201 South Shore Blvd.,
League City, TX, 77573